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My Teaching Experiences
I have teaching experience at graduate, undergraduate, and pre-college level. I love leading, motivating, and teaching people new skills

Creative Strategies for Interactive Media

University of California, Santa Cruz

Ways to understand and approach design, toward increasing students’ creative repertoire and giving them some broader context for their practice in designing interactive media. Topics including design thinking, values in design, critical design practice, and envisioning practices.

UX for Interactive Media

University of California, Santa Cruz

Design process and methodology, PM methodologies, brainstorming and ideation, different types of prototypes, usability testing, hi-fi prototyping.

Advanced Build methods in HCI

University of California, Santa Cruz

Methodologies for software and hardware prototyping, advanced programming, and development of apps and soft electronics systems. 

Intro to Python

University of North Texas  

Introduction to the basics of programming concepts such as variables, data types, control structures, loops, functions, and file handling.

Software Engineering

University of North Texas  

How to solve real-world design and developmental problems. The design considers realistic constraints including economic, environmental, critical thinking, technical writing and communications skills, and group management skills in completing their design and development project.

Software Development for AI

University of North Texas  

How to leverage available artificial intelligence APIs flexibly and reliably. Traditional programming concepts and software design principles was covered in a task-oriented manner to interface with advanced AI libraries and frameworks in order to build and maintain AI infrastructure. 

Foundation of play

University of California, Santa Cruz

How to make social games using the constraints of remote learning and physical distance. 

Including Ideation, core loop, goal in a game, systems and strategy, types of play, and game rules.

Game Design Experience

University of California, Santa Cruz

Concrete skills associated with making a digital game, from start to finish. Activities include establishing a team, concept, storyboarding, prototyping, producing, and testing a game for release.

Game Design Workshops

Stanford University 

Overview of the ideation and creation process for designing video games, including skills in art, design, the engineering side of video game projects, and an overview of two game engines in the field, Scratch, RenPy and Unity.

I have been a course assistant for the following subjects: 

University of California, Santa Cruz

Visual Communication, Game Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Rigging for Games, 3D Foundation 

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